The Hell Collection

The Hell Collection - Obscurities, Oddities & Rarities (1993)


01. Shout (Live)
02. All You Ever Think About Is Sex (Dance Mix)
03. Get Crazy (Alternate Version)
04. Jingle For "Brussels" Concert 1981
05. Rosebud (Extended Dance Mix)
06. Je M'Appelle Russell
07. "Nissan" Commercial
08. Singing In The Shower (Original Demo Version)
09. Madonna (French Version)
10. The Japanese Have Come And They Bought My Number One
11. Jingle Announcing "Magic Mountain" Concert
12. Just Got Back From Heaven (Heaven Can Wait Mix)
13. Dance Godammit (Dance Mix)
14. Armies Of The Night (Alternate Version)
15. Breaking Out Of Prison (Alternate Version)
16. Jingle Announcing "Magic Mountain" Concert
17. I Predict (Live)
18. Sextown U.S.A.
19. Achoo (Live)
20. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us (Live)

The Hell Collection (Full Album)

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