Leos Carax Interview

Kultúra - Pravda (March 24, 2018/ Slovakian)
Leos Carax: Myslel som si, že k filmu sa už nikdy nevrátim

You are also a great lover of music, and your latest film is a musical. How was the idea to shoot a musical?

The film Lovers of Pont-Neuf has already been filmed as a musical. Otherwise, I do not know why this is a musical, because in French it is called a musical comedy. The problem, however, was that I thought I could never do it. I thought I was not finding a composer I could understand. Since I can not make music myself, I need somebody who puts it, someone with whom I can talk about the music. And actually I did not really know how to talk about the music with the composer. With Holy Motors, I tried it out by writing lyrics, and the music was performed by an English musician. I found it to be understandable. As for this new film, one American musical group will take care of the music.

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