Article: A.V. Club

A.V. Club (December 14, 2915)
The best film scenes of 2015

“The Final Derriere,” The Forbidden Room

“I am plagued by bottoms” laments the tragic, eventually lobotomized ass-man embodied by Udo Kier in Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson’s delirious lost-silent-film homage/experimental mixtape movie The Forbidden Room. So desperate is he, in fact, that he wanders the streets to the musical accompaniment of Sparks, whose hilariously catchy, chorally sung ditty “The Final Derriere” becomes a kind of theme song for a film whose obsessions include—but are not limited to—the fluidity and immutability of desire, the way that obsession is branded upon the brain, and the impossibility of ever really, fully, truly reaching the end. [Adam Nayman]

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