The Final Derriere

Metro (September 9, 2015)
Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson on 'The Forbidden Room' and that Sparks song

I didn’t, unfortunately, research this, but the Sparks song in the movie: is that an already existing song?

"No, they wrote that for us. We had this film from Greece called “Fist of a Cripple.” We wanted to have as many genres in the movie, to give the viewers a chance to keep track of what stratum they’re on. We thought “Fist of a Cripple” could be edited into a musical number, music video-style. We tried a number of previously existing songs. We tried making sound sculptures, but none of us are songwriters. But I am friends of Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks, so we just hit some bullet points for them that they had to hit with their lyrics. And within a few hours they had written a song, recorded it and delivered it to us. We all love the song, it’s catchy as hell, but we debated if it belonged in this universe, because it’s so clean and poppy. Then we realized this movie has a kitchen sink, for crying out loud. Can’t it have a Sparks song too? "

The Peoples Movies (October 9, 2015)
Listen To Sparks 'The Final Derriere' For The Forbidden Room

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