Article: Jason Schwartzman’s Cultural Highlights

The Gurdian (July 12, 2015)
On my radar: actor Jason Schwartzman’s cultural highlights

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What’s so admirable about a band like Sparks is that they have managed to keep their world private but also stay interesting to the fans. I’m a big Sparks fan and I saw them play the whole of Kimono My House live in LA with an orchestra. I think that what Sparks and Franz Ferdinand are doing with FFS is great. I’m interested in the idea of two bands making one record. You hear about people duetting on each other’s albums, but I love the idea of taking two bands and collaborating on one thing. Two bands, two singers... I’m curious to know how they broke down the songwriting. That’s pretty amazing. What’s also interesting is that they complement each other – no one person forfeited their individuality or sacrificed anything. Instead, they created a whole new band.

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