Mini Mansions Sherlock Holmes Official Video

Mini Mansions released "Sherlock Holmes", single (7" and digital download, B-side of "Death Is a Girl") and video last year. (New album "The Great Pretenders" was released on March 23, 2015. But "Sherlock Holmes" is not included. )

Inside Shock Magazine (December 6, 2014)
Mini Mansions interview

“I think what drew us together is a long list of inspirations, but more recently, it’s been bands like Sparks who have sort of given us some direction in terms of our recent record. We really wanted to try and mix things up with this record and I think, as we listened to bands such as Sparks, we found our own way to do that.”

The band are such fans of Sparks that they covered ‘Sherlock Holmes’ recently, and have received hundreds, if not thousands, of positive comments off the back of it. What made them want to cover the song in the first place? “I just think it’s a brilliant song,” confesses Michael. “They’re such a crazy, aggressive band, but some of their songs are just really different. When it comes to that song, just listening to it, it really connected with us. We heard it and were just like ‘Damn’. We wanted to introduce more people not just to us, but Sparks as well.”

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