Interview: Les Inrocks with Alex Kapranos

Les Inrocks (March 20, 2015/French)
Alex Kapranos des Franz Ferdinand : “En Angleterre, la nourriture était d’un ennui mortel”
Interview with Alex

You have just announced a collaboration for an album and concerts between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks ...

"We have become a group of six members: us, plus the two Sparks, as the FFS. Together we have made ​​eighteen songs, twelve of which will end up on the album. On stage, we play mostly these titles, but also tubes Sparks and Franz Ferdinand. It's funny, because one of the first songs that we played at the beginning of Franz was Achoo Sparks. It's been over ten years since we talk about working together. We had even met in Los Angeles to talk about. And our schedules crazy times have made ​​us forget that idea Until two years ago. I broke a tooth during a US tour and was advised a dentist in San Francisco unsuccessfully by walking the street where he was supposed to be, I hear "But it is you, Alex? "It was Ron Mael. That evening, we relaunched the idea of the album, made ​​in secret."

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