Article: Jim Wilson Interview

Maximum Volume Music (March 13, 2015)
Maximum Volume Meets…..Jim Wilson (MOTOR SISTER, MOTHER SUPERIOR & ROLLINS BAND) Part 2

Nothing wrong with that!! On the subject of never stopping the same could be said of yourself. You’ve worked with many of the great and the good of the music business from Iggy Pop to Sparks.

"I’ve been lucky and I’ve no idea how it has all happened!! Sparks was a great treat for me as I loved them when I was in high school. At one point I entered a contest in the fan club and I won a poster and later on I showed it to the guys and they couldn’t believe it!! It was a dream come true as I never thought they would even want another guitar player less that I would be the guy."

You played 21 albums in 21 nights or something like that with them didn’t you in 2008 in London?

"Russell (Mael – vocalist) told me that they wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t on board. In France they was a magazine that did a huge Mother Superior story and they actually asked me to interview Sparks as they knew I was a fan so I interviewed Ron (Mael – keyboards) and Russell so they knew I knew a lot about them and their discography. I’m not saying that I could easily play everything from the albums but I was at least familiar with the songs.

We saw each other for about six hours a day at their house to rehearse the albums and this went on for a few months. In London it was like The Monkees, all living in the same house having breakfast and then rehearsing!! When each album ended we could forget about it!!"

Jim's latest work, Motor Sister

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