Update: Russell Said

"We’ve done a new album. It’s collaboration with Franz Ferdinand. It’s pretty unique. Actually a real collaboration. We can’t think of too many instances where two bands have actually joined forces and are doing an entire album together. It turned out pretty unique and special we think. There’s going to be some singles coming up in probably the end of March. The album is going to be coming out around June. It’s really special." (Examiner.com)

"The album is going to come out in June, but there are going to be a few singles coming out fairly soon. The first one is in March, and there's another one eight weeks after that, and it's all leading up to the actual album. There's going to be touring to go along with it." (The Scenestar)


SparksとFranz Ferdinandのコラボレーションの件ですが、最近のラッセルのインタビューによると「3月の終わり頃にシングル」「その8週間後にもう一曲シングル」「6月にアルバム」をリリース、その後「一緒にツアー」だそうです。

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