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Sparks and Franz Ferdinand are working together in studio now. You know.

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Article: Sveriges Radio (October 28, 2014/Swedish)
Sparks och Franz Ferdinand spelar in ihop

The American cult duo Sparks and Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand are working together in a studio in London.

In addition to several iconic glam rock album, so is the American pop duo Sweden Known for musical "The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman". Sparks created the musical exclusively for Swedish Radio Theatre in 2009, and has since been working to get a feature film as well.

When brothers Ron and Russell Mael played in Stockholm in December last year, they revealed in a Swedish television interview that they have found a Swedish production company and a protagonist, but looking for financiers.

When Sparks are not involved in film projects or concerts of old tunes and newer tunes they send including audio clips of the Atlantic - to the Scottish indie act Franz Ferdinand, whose hysterical pop often bear traces of Sparks.

- Some people seem to think we are in a bubble, but we listen to other artists. And we really like Franz Ferdinand. We think that some of their stuff is very interesting, 'said Ron Mael of the Swedish interview.

Now, after several years of consideration and a few days of irritable image and reputation formation in Sparks Facebook page, they say that cooperation is taking shape in real life. Sparks and Franz Ferdinand are working together in a London studio right now. There is photographic evidence.

For the brothers Mael cooperation has refreshed their way to work with music. With Franz Ferdinand makes the cleaner pop songs again, instead of a longer story with the same theme.

Maybe time the two bands get something in common works before 2014 is over, as they had hoped.

(I think Christmas song should be released in November...)

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