Article: Björk Interview (1993)

Q Magazine (October, 1993)
Björk Gudmundsdottir's Record Collection


"I was brought up with all these hippies. Ten of them and one of me. At the age of seven, I'd really had enough of all those hippy records, that psychedelic crap, so I became like a kid who has to listen to different stuff to her parents. My dad was a bit on the case, and probably bought this Sparks album, but didn't really like it, but I played little else for a year, and drove them all mad. It's really for kids as well, you know, "This town ain't big enough for the both of us, and it ain't me who's gonna leave which was a pretty cool statement. They were a bit theatrical, I guess, more expressive than your average pop album, and not just about I-love-you-and-you-love-me. I loved the way Russell Mael sung like a geisha, and that they were into wearing geisha clothes, as I was really into Japanese people."
"What kids get into is very picturesque music that is really easy to imagine what's going on. At that point, I'd got really bored of guitars and rock'n'roll, and Sparks were more interesting, more like a fairy tale. I was really into them until I read an interview with the singer a year later, when he said that the only two things in the world he didn't like was kids and animals. That broke my heart.
"I left home first, actually, at 14. I got the feeling that time was running out, and there were all these exciting things happening out there, and you're missing them. You wanted to rent a flat and cook really bad meals, that sort of thing. I came back a year later when I was broke."

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