Review: The York Press

The York Press (January 9, 2014)
CD Reviews
Sparks: New Music for Amnesiacs, The Essential Collection (Lil Beethoven) *****

Sleeve: Quirky front, natch, of cardboard cut-outs of siblings Ron and Russell Mael stood stock still on a dusty road at night and about to be mowed down by a top- marque car. Pure Maelovolence.

Sleevenotes: Mael model pix through four decades, plus glowing testimonies from Todd Rundgren, Giorgio Moroder and Morrissey.

Content: Chronological listing spanning 40 tracks and superbly illustrating the first-class Maels’ career from pop innovators to denizens of the disco and then on present position as masters of baroque popera.

High point: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us – a soaring, sizzle-burst that started my 30-year journey aboard the Mael train.

Low point: Nothing “maelificent” here folks, it’s all sublime and peachy.

Any glaring omissions? A split between Hasta Manana Monsieur and Thank God It’s Not Christmas – both Mael and hearty belters.

Anything new: No, just thrilling Maels of the expected excellence.

Cheerful or tearful excuse for release? A maelstrom of mesmerising, musical magic.

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