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Sydsvenskan (December 14, 2013 / Swedish)
Anagram filmar Bergmanmusikal

Anagram film Bergmanmusical

U.S. pop duo Sparks makes musical film about Ingmar Bergman and they do it with skånsk help. The production company Anagram Film from Lund becomes the main producer.
Brothers Ron and Russell Maels pop musical "The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman" premiered at the Southern Theater in Stockholm four years ago. Since then, the dream has been to make the film of the show. And now it's off.

Martin Persson at Anagram Film Lund becomes a producer and will now start working on the film.

- Everything is in a very early stage. We will get ready a script and then plan and find funding.

When Martin Persson yesterday met the brothers Mael during a concert in Stockholm, it was also Malmö musician Magnus Börjesson (Beagle, Favorita and the film "Sound of Noise") with.

- It is not in any way tied him to work with it. My ulterior motive was just to introduce him to them because Magnus worked with "Sound of Noise" said Martin Persson.

Director Guy Maddin is linked to the project, but yet there is no agreement. Each movie should be recorded is still unclear. Maybe it will be a studio recording in Ystad, perhaps in Trollhattan, perhaps abroad. It depends on where Martin Persson find financing for the film.


スウェーデンのプロダクション"Anagram Film"のMartin Perssonという人が劇場版"The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman"のプロデューサーになるそうで、この記事はそのMartin Perssonさんのコメントです。

ちなみにストックホルムのライブでは、Magnus Börjessonと一緒にスパークスに会ったそうですが、このMagnus Börjessonとスパークスの写真はロクセットのFacebookにアップされています。
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