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Svensk producerar Sparks Ingmar Bergman-film

Swedish produces Sparks Ingmar Bergman film

Cult duo Sparks musical film about Ingmar Bergman becomes a reality. Swedes are involved, but not in the lead role.

Four years ago was held the premiere for the first pop musical Sparks "The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman" at the Southern Theater in Stockholm. The musical was a commissioned work from Radio Theatre on Swedish Radio.

The U.S. brödraduon Ron and Russell Mael were free to choose which Swedish phenomenon they wanted to write music around. Then there was the filmmaker who gave them a first image of Sweden.

"It was the picture we got of Sweden"
- We have always loved his movies. Our picture of a country is colored very much by the film. So the image that Bergman conveyed when we plugged - the desolation and the fact that everyone wanted to kill themselves all the time - it was about the image we got from Sweden. It has obviously been proven wrong in large part. But not one hundred percent, said Ron Mael.

- As Americans, we assumed Swedish catchphrases. Ikea, Volvo, Saab ... Now that we have been here some so ... Hehe ... Now I know that you have more Ikea than you used to, and that Volvo has big problems, fills Russel Mael in.

Swedish produce film
For years, Sparks dreamed of doing stage production and film of his script where Ingmar Bergman torn between scary stubborn Hollywood deals and comfort of your home.

Last summer the brothers Mael in Cannes and fished for partners, and now it is clear that the feature film a reality. The Swedish production company Anagram on as a major producer.

- We say yes for several reasons. Firstly, I am a Sparks fan since childhood. Then it's an exciting idea. It becomes not the broad family film, but there is still a large audience for this type of film, says producer Martin Persson.

Looking for sponsors
Martin Persson met the duo at Cannes and is now working to bring together funders. He believes that it will require a budget of around 20-30 million, now that the Canadian indie director Guy Maddin is said to be on the train.

Maddin usually including borrow from silent film art, and Sparks thinks that they're shooting in caricatures of Hollywood and Stockholm, built in a movie studio.

"A Swedish were so obvious"
Wes Anderson-stammisen Jason Schwartzman, one or more roles, says Russell Mael. Than is no Swedish actor, but the main role is added:

- We chose a Finn to portraying Ingmar Bergman, typically Sparks mannerisms! That is what you can expect of us. A Swedish would be so obvious, says Russel Mael, laughing.
- Forgive us! calls his big brother.
- We have chosen Peter Franzén. He is incredible, as long as one ignores the fact that he then is fine, joking Russell Mael.

Want to shoot in summer
Sparks hopes that the film will be both naturalistic and dreamy, but without the typical musical scenes where someone suddenly burst into song and dance. They want to weave into the music in a more modern way. If the production company get their way, we also get to hear classic Sparks songs in the film.

The band hopes to record this summer, each with a supporting role. The producer dare not be quite as optimistic time.

A Swedish version?
Sparks hopes that the film will reach more than a small band of connoisseurs. Maybe they do an alternative version to the Swedish audience - which was a criterion when they created for radio theater.

- There have been thoughts that might have two versions of the film. One that is completely at emngelska and one that is as bilingual, where Swedish-speaking characters think of Swedish, but speaks English with English-speaking characters. It would be interesting, says Ron Mael.

Concert tonight
Tonight Sparks tour ending at the Southern Theatre in Stockholm. They will give the stripped down versions of songs from his nearly 20 studio albums.

Brothers Ron and Russell Mael have worked together under the same band name for 42 years. Here's how it reads the recipe for success:

"Our relationship has almost always revolved around the fact that we work together. Part of Sparks stability depends certainly on the fact that we are brothers. We probably would have been shattered long ago if we were not there. You know, we have a consensus on what roles we have and where we want to take the music. We never fight about something big, "said Ron Mael.

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