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Sparks & Franz Ferdinands samarbete kan släppas 2014

Sparks & Franz Ferdinand's cooperation may be released in 2014

Between album releases and tours, they have worked together over the Atlantic. Soon the rest of the world to hear.

In 2006, leaked the news out of the pop world: British indie rockers Franz Ferdinand and legendary pop brothers Sparks from the United States intend to work together.

Franz Ferdinans music has long borne traces of Sparks hysterical poppärlor from 70 - and 80's. But it was only a few years ago that the bands talked about their mutual admiration for each other.

- Some people seem to think that we're in a bubble, but we listen to other artists. And we really like Franz Ferdinand. We think that some of their stuff is very interesting, says Ron Mael from Sparks when he hits Kulturnyheterna a December day in Stockholm.

Busy with other things
Since 2006, it has been rather quiet about cooperation, while the bands have been busy in different directions. Sparks has managed to give out two studio albums and put together radio musical "The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman" for Swedish Radio while Franz Ferdinand also has released emit two full length albums.

Ahead of Scots latest album "Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action" which came in August this year, joined the media gossip that Sparks might be heard on the disc.

Sends singing bits of the Atlantic
The collaboration has been a bit on the ice a period, since both bands are on tour, but it is certainly not over, says Ron Mael:

- We've worked together even though it's maybe 900 mil between us. We sent music pieces and songs back and forth. When we met and said we should do something together so I thought it just something that every band says when viewed. But we managed to reconnect and have done some things that turned out really well.

Sparks has cooperation been refreshing, then they've got to go back to work more with pure pop songs, rather than with a longer story.

Aiming for release in 2014
Sparks makes the tour's last show in Stockholm on Thursday. Since they have more time for other things. Franz Ferdinand is still out on the roads, but Sparks is optimistic that cooperation can be given out fairly soon:

- Both sides are very stoked on the result and we hope that this project may see the light of day sometime next year, said Ron Mael.




この話はなくなったと思っていたので本当にリリースされたらうれしいですが"We hope"なのでまだ未定ですね。

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