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NPR Music (November 8, 2013)
The Five Best Things About This Year's Mountain Oasis Festival

Sparks - I was so thrilled to see Sparks on the bill. A long-time favorite of mine, I'd actually never seen brothers Ron and Russell Mael before. They are campy, funny and quirky. They've put out more than 20 albums in the last 40 years. The first one won me over back in 1971. Sparks, along with David Bowie and Roxy Music, were my go-to bands back in the early '70s. Sparks came to Mountain Oasis, and are touring this time around, simply as a duo. Ron looked much like a grumpy, stuffy, mustached accountant on keyboard, and Russell a hyperactive child in black shorts and tights. The set was spare, leaving room for Russell and his operatic-styled voice and exuberant persona to always be center stage. The Mael's are in their 60s, but they're incredibly youthful and playful. Any young band could learn a lot about how to take hold of an audience and lead them on an adventure.

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