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Sparks - A second outbreak (Russian)
2006 February 26th or 27th Moscow live review and photos.


English translation by Google:

The program of the Sparks in Russia was prostroena extremely logical. first day was given to things from the charts and collected a full house. The second is a program from the latest album "Hello Young Lovers" and his emphasis on the spectacular show component. True to the calculation: the second day came, or those who listen to Sparks in any incarnation, or those who are interested in new work was the brothers Mel (Ron & Russell Mael). Full house in this situation it was pointless to expect that no matter how admired colleague Byabenin the fact that the popularity of the people is higher than expected, these people still prefer the material test of time.
A significant role, perhaps, played and increase in ticket prices, which made the organizers of a sudden: some students, staying in the euphoria of the first concert, tried to buy tickets for the second show and brutally broken off.

Meanwhile, the twentieth album in a row Sparks declares: I promise that I rock, rock, rock! "And promise justify - though without using a single passage of clichéd rock arsenal. Filled gall tragedy, this album - a logical extension of the sensational "Lil 'Beethoven" . He is full of mocking songs written from a familiar expression and performed with pomp and operetta unrealistic ease. Of course, someone may not be enough to brand new works of Russell's falsetto - his voice, becoming stiffer with age and below, began to nail down the listener's brain maxims with remarkable precision, like a carpenter - nails. However, as the concerts Sparks, this voice is still here: Russell is still able to keep pace and eerie singing "on top", - just idimo, disorganization new songs did not have to uppercase.

Josh Klinghoffer (Josh Klinghoffer) of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dean Menta (Dean Menta) of Faith No More ("no more", as aptly joked Russell) this evening spent half of the concert the big screen, which separated from the soloists of the rhythm section . On the screen is incredible adventures of brothers Mel: multiple alter-ego of Russell with a cat's head, singing microphones, flying quotes, aliens and mutants, Ron, struggling with himself (the real Ron - Ron on the screen), Ron playing the painted body. But in the second half of the concert, which followed after a short break, guitarists drew off as it should, having arranged an incredible guitar duel in the tradition of left groups. The screen has been minimized, the musicians changed the black clothes for costumes - and will break! So much so that they could not stop and performed virtually the entire set list of the first day, starting with the "Aeroflot" and ran a gallop on all the major songs - from "Something For The Girl With Everything" and to "" When Do I Get To Sing My Way "comes from the 90s.
Could not stay in place and the audience: the very first song performed jumping Russell, dressed as a clown striped jacket, "including" the audience - next to me began to jump and shout enthusiastically even photographers and journalists from the venerable music publications, known for their skepticism about any show. Literally in front of our dream came true - see live Sparks in his creative prime.

What is the concert of Sparks? - Imagine a strange, awkward, explosive mixture: Queen c-Monty Python, VDGG c electronic operetta performances and (not coincidentally in childhood brothers Mel studied the genre under the influence of his mother - an avid teatralki). As it always happens to good projects, will give the sum of the whole. It is impossible to explain how organically combines falsetto with lot of bass, you can not tell where the drummer takes this style of hat to hold that it gives a delicious "overtone" after otzvuchit solo.

Interestingly, in the live version of the song does not lose the nuances of sound, but also complemented by new shades of meaning through expressive plastic Russell. And again, listening to the album Sparks, it is simply impossible to imagine that you can sing two o'clock this machine gun song, still move without disrupting voice and without losing a smile. Russell succeeds, but not without effort: good rays continue to disagree about his eyes, though his temple is a continuous stream of flowing sweat, he looks like sleeves.

Meanwhile, Ron, like the statue of the Commendatore, and is strictly looks at his glasses raging hall. At the level of energy all the show looks like a typhoon, twists its spiral around him an old synthesizer. And when the whole group goes to the well-deserved bow, Ron's name - the comic man in glasses frivolous - pronounced after an impressive pause, and with due respect.

Concert set list:
Part 1
1. Dick Around
2. Perfume
3. Very Next Fight
4. Baby Baby Can I Invade Your Country
5. Rock Rock Rock
6. Metaphor
7. Waterproof
8. Here Kitty
9. There's No Such Thing As Aliens
10. As I Sit To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral

Part 2
1. Aeroflot
2. Something For The Girl With Everything
3. Happy Hunting Ground
4. Bon Voyage
5. In The Future
6. Hospitality On Parade
7. When Do I Get To Sing My Way
8. Amateur Hour
9. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth,
10. This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us.

At such concerts is going young and not so young musicians - to represent themselves, which means "good creative form" when you knocked 50. Such concerts benefit the viewer - to know what to expect from the band at the club gig. And such concerts just need to criticize, not to lose the skills.
The only consolation that I can offer to those who did not get to show Sparks, is that the group promised this summer to return to Russia. Hopefully, her performance will be held at the site of large size and with more reasonable prices for tickets.
I'd like to Sparks heard by those who need it.

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