Sparks-tastic: Twenty-one Nights With Sparks in London


Sparks-tastic: Twenty-one Nights With Sparks in London
by Tosh Berman

In 2008, Tosh Berman--author and publisher of TamTam Books--got on a plane with a single motive: "Sparks Spectacular." It had been announced that the band Sparks would perform all twenty-one of their albums in a succession of twenty-one nights in London...a monumental experience for any Sparks fanatic. Part travel journal, part personal memoir, Berman takes us through the streets of London and Paris, observing both cities' history and culture through the eye of an obsessive Sparks fan's lens. Including album-by-album reviews of all twenty-one albums and beyond, "Sparks-Tastic" defines a place and time in music history that's too defining to be ignored.

2008年のライブ、Sparks Spectacular21×21についての本が5月に出版されるようです。でも予約できます。

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