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Smashing Mag (January 8, 2013)

ふたつの腕と、ひとつの口 (Japanese)

English translation by Google and Yahoo:
(I hope that you understand this article.)

Two hands, one mouth

This is a tour title "Two Hands, One Mouth" in the sense that the two arms of Ron and the mouth of Russell, is that the only vocal and playing keyboard. Bring the screen to the stage, conduct a visual rendition with humor, they were wonderful to return to organized bands of the Island era coming to Japan in 2009 and the Fuji Rock Festival in 2008. But this time without any support members, without even making a back-track program, it was a simple stage.

Lounge style music flow before the concert, about 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time, Ron Mael appeared first. I thought that he dressed a white shirt and classic tie like a vice principal, but he dressed black polo shirt. It was like a vice principal in the holiday. Incidentally, they sang at the karaoke, and photographs together with Golden Bomber's large signboards in the Tower Records, those photos have been posted on the band's official Facebook. It seems they come to Japan to enjoy a holiday in Tokyo. This tour is done in the UK in October, I do not know whether or not there is a live schedule of Japan before and after this time, and the new album does not come out, I do not know what was decided in the circumstances, but of course I'm glad it can be seen for the first time in four years.

Ron sat in front of the keyboard of Ronald(it's not Roland), began to play.It is based on many of the classic medley of Sparks, familiar phrase comes hear, cheer goes up from the floor. And Russell Mael appears and greets with comparatively fluent Japanese(*). Live will start in earnest from the "Hospitality On Parade".

Song selection was taken up evenly until the latest ones from the 70's. Basically Ron's keyboard is a tone of the pianos, sometimes synthesizer sound covered. Many of the masterpieces of Sparks to be sung in the voice of Russell, it was what the beauty of melody that works in any arrangement can be confirmed again. Like "Good Morning" and "Suburban Homeboy", some songs are almost the same impression, like "Propaganda ~ At Home, At Work, At Play" and "Dick Around", some might hear while complementing other instruments and chorus in the brain, and like "Under the Table With Her", some sense of lounge music was more intensified.

Of course it is also exciting to play classic 70s "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us"("Amateur Hour" "Something For The Girl With Everything" were not played. It was a shame). Also, I was thinking I wish I had known more English is "The Wedding Of Jacqueline Kennedy To Russell Mael", because the foreigner nearby laughed, I think it would the song like a comical drama.

The main part ends with "When Do I Get To Sing "My Way". The voice of an ardent encore arises immediately, two men again to the stage. First "The Number One Song In Heaven", not a piano-based sound until now, there is a flamboyant synthesizer sound and bass line, but does not contain the sound of the drum. And subsequently "Beat The Clock". It was a flamboyant sound in the same way. Ron was less movement until then. Finally he did bend over in front, back and forth strong arm waving dance. He excited the audience. The end of the last they played the theme "Two Hands, One Mouth". They were leaving the stage in big applause while promising to meet again soon.

Minasan Konbanwa. Watashiwa Russell desu.
Kochirawa Ron san desu.
Watashitachiwa Sparks desu.

(Good evening everyone. I am Russell.
This is Ron.
We are Sparks.)

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