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Buster Kino (June 16, 2008)

Is Sparks entertainment or art? (Finnish)

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Is Sparks entertainment or art?

Hannu Björkbacka / HELSINKI 16.6.2008 Tavastia
Central Ostrobothnia 06/19/2008 (extended)

Sparks song joiner Ron Mael is on stage as Groucho Marx brothers - but also the silent Harpo.

Perfectionists Sparks sound check at Tavastia, stretches, but the band's composer and lyricist Ron Mael has time for an interview.

HANNU Björkbacka: - The previous week, Sparks gig ended tube in London, Islington Academy Carlington and culminated in Shepherd's Bush latest album Exotic Creatures Of The Deep presentation. Sparks made ​​all 21 consecutive album concert. Strive Mael brothers the history of the Guinness World Record book through?

RON MAEL - partly so, and maybe we succeeded on that level. We felt very much that we are one of the few, and perhaps the only band that was able to do so. Our new album is our view of creativity as strong as in previous teoksemme. Other bands have the same number of records back, but I think that first of all they do not want to go through that process and not the newer material might not be so interesting, believes in August 61 years meeting the keyboardist.

- So we felt that we are in a unique position. It was kind of a ridiculous process, as practiced first four months in Los Angeles. We presented each song from each of the first track from the album. Offered as an additional encore pieces still rarities or b-sides, one of more than 250 pieces. The reception was amazing.

HB: Did that experience for you as a songwriter laulutuontantoosi new perspectives?

RON MAEL: - At a certain way ... arrogant, when I think of some of the albumeitamme, they might not be as strong as any other album. Therefore, the plate that are commercially successful keep up with, we have been with them for longer tours. It was, therefore, discs that have never been so commercially successful, but when they played live concerts, and when they were put in a sense of equal value at all, it was encouraging to hear those albums. And our band is so strong that the players really made them come alive. No, not really modernized the tunes, but the live call gave them a new appearance. It was inspiring and as a bonus the conclusion that the whole thing to note that a large proportion of the songs were pretty good.

Sparks pop musical?

HB: Sparks visual, imaginative and comical stage show, Maelien child actor background and music videos almost cry that would be seen sometimes Sparks movie.

RON MAEL: - the late 80's and early 90's worked with Japanese comic book-based film, music Mai, The Psychic Girl working. It was supposed to be living in the film ("live action"). We spent the five years time many supervisor. It was a project that attracted many directors, as it appeared in musicals as a more unusual than Sparks doings of pop music field. Now the project seems to be happening something. We had a few meetings in London with regard to, in fact, just recently. We do not want to be too optimistic, because we wasted five years hope for the last time, but it's the same project, and we hope that our movie gets the chance.

HB - The new Exotic Creatures-ROM Sparks sings the Renaissance (... you sing about renaissance or Renaissance ... "). Has the 2000s californian brothers renaissance?

RON MAEL: - Yeah, renaissance ... We know that, both musically and that the public's reception of the Sparks live in the Renaissance. We sort of motivoiduimme more Lil 'Beethoven disc time. It was the beginning, and then we continued to Hello Young Lovers Silla and Exotic Creatures Of The Deep subjects. Before that, we had done just songs, although structurally unusual. We had written twenty songs Lil 'Beethoven for, and we said that we did routines, "going thru the motions", you know. We challenged ourselves, recalls Mael.

- We decided to throw out all of those songs, which was difficult for me, because the main composer ("chief songwriter), each is its own little baby. To get a really different sound to it, what we did, while maintaining Sparks's sensibility, so we tried to find a different sound than we could by working in a different way than before. So we went to the studio empty-handed, Mael says. - And the result was some way to break with a little of what we did in the past. And continued in the same style. We can have a little finished material, but mostly we write the studio: one idea leads to another.

HB - Sparks latest recordings are like chamber music or pop symphony and uniform, almost a theme albums.

RON MAEL: - This is not a prescribed theme, but the whole song is meaningful. And we are trying ... we love pop music, we have always loved, but we are trying to move the boundaries of pop music a wider region, is planning to Mael.

Cole Porter's model

HB - Sparks lyrics complain too clever songs, which lack the emotional content. Strange Animal also claims that "You should know from the start / If it's entertainment or art" ("You have to know already out of the box, whether it is entertainment or art.").

RON MAEL: - This section is .... maybe not so much ... I actually like the fact that you can not ... It is a song of a person who says that. Personally, I like it when you can not tell whether it is entertainment or art. We always sit on the fence as to whether it is for one or the other.

- But as to whether the emotional content of the songs: may seem like hypocrisy, but we try to make songs at two levels. The song inside of humor, but it also has some kind of emotional feeling. As the melody When Do I Get To Sing My Way? (When it's my turn to sing My Way?), The composer explains. - It sounds a little ... It may sound like a pointless idea, but comes straight from the heart from our perspective. Generally speaking, we always try to make sense of the content of the songs. Although would not be able to conclude whether it is entertainment or art, we hope to always be that inner feeling of the song touches the listener.

HB - The song feels as if you are self-critical, or we would use the first to say it himself, so maybe someone could write a critic sparks criticism.

RON MAEL: - Exactly. It is true that some may be a critic, which is not very well informed about what we're doing, we could say.

HB: - Some songs into, even if such Number 1 Song In Heaven and When Do I Get To Sing My Way sound, unlike pop symphony, rather than the American Songbookiin types of quality, as if they were ancient standards.

RON MAEL: - It's nice to hear, because I have always, especially lyrically I'm honored Cole Porter and George Gershwin. They are the factors that really ... We're not trying to be nostalgic in the way we make songs. But that type .... There is more than skills ("craftmanship"). There is a real art ("artistry"), that is able to bring through the lyrics as well as the simplicity of sophistication. And that's what I really respect. And those factors, especially Cole Porter, because he alone wrote the lyrics to music, but also - it is what I like more than a model for today's pop music, says vocal champion Ron Mael.

HB - Glad to hear it, because today appeared lehteni Central Ostrobothnia disc assessment Exotic Creatures Of The Deep, visit I compared Cole Porter songs, and Irving Berlin ...

RON MAEL: That's amazing.

HB - Sparks has also made ​​live-dvd's Lil 'Beethoven ("Live in Stockholm ") And Hello Young Lovers (" Dee Vee Dee "). Concert filmed in London and the targets will see later on, say, the dvd?

RON MAEL: - We hope so. We filmed concerts, but not so many cameras, because each concert was recorded. It was done on a smaller scale. We hope that it might be made of some kind of collection, which would be excerpts from each recording. And maybe the end would be involved in something new albumiltamme. We switched Exotic Creatures disc for the concert to a larger hall in London, just for that disk. And the reaction was pretty incredible. We think might do it again. And the more sophisticated version of the concert. But there's some video that we shot, and we hope to have it out sometime.

HB - You're serious about designing konserttiputkeanne completely re-do?

RON MAEL: No, no - this is not a story 21 x 21 ... Only for the new album. Today we present a range of size of our production, because we have not played for a long time in Helsinki (shakes heads of). So it would be unfair for us to come in here and just suggest a new album in its entirety. We'll play a pretty good selection of yes new songs tonight, too.

HB: - Could I get your autograph on these plate covers (Exotic Creatures, Hello Young Lovers, a five-song video-cd Sparks Amateur Hour live)?

RON MAEL: Of course. This disc (Video CD) I have never seen any! Do I put ownership of the writing for you, or just a name? Would you like to get to Russell's autograph, because I can get it for you?

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