Thorcraft Cobra - Count It In

Former Sparks drummer Tammy Glover's Thorcraft Cobra debut album "Count It In" will be released on January 8, 2013.

Thorcraft Cobra - Count It In

01. Count Me Out
02. Another Day
03. Party Clock
04. True Love
05. Dark Willows, Bright Flowers
06. Black Swan (It’s All Inside of You)
07. Bemused, Bored and Deranged
08. Obsession
09. Oh Melody
10. I’m Not Sorry
11. Forget The Photograph
12. I’m Putting Your Toys Away
13. You’ll Get Nothing
14. Party Clock (Radio Edit)

The album features several guest musicians, including Russell Mael (03.Party Clock), Steve McDonald (02.Another Day).

Thorcraft Cobra - Count Me Out


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