Video: extra tv

Extra (October 27, 2017)
Sparks Shine on New Album

Radio: RFI Musique

RFI Musique (October 16, 2017/ French)
Sparks, excentriques et légendaires (Podcast)

Radio: Jonesy's Jukebox

KLOS (October 13, 2017)
Jonesy's Jukebox
Sparks In-studio (Podcast)


TROISCOULEURS (September 29, 2017/ French)
The Sparks, pop siamoise

"We were supposed to play two Americans who revolutionized French television in the pure futuristic tradition of Tati cinema. When we learned it, honestly, we laughed, because of the unlikely side of what we did not even think of being a proposal. We finally realized that it was true and we met Jacques Tati, with whom we collaborated for a while, but he was financially and physically exhausted [ he had just suffered a commercial failure with Playtime , editor's note ] ."

Interview:Pop News

Pop News (September 25, 2017/French)
Sparks : "La musique actuelle manque d'ambition"

"To be honest, we would prefer that our music speak for itself, without having anything to explain. Analyzing our work in detail diminishes its impact. Some of our songs have a surreal aspect, and delivering all the keys could make them mundane. But we have to accept reality. It is necessary that the public knows that a new album is published!"

Radio: France Inter

France Inter
Popopop (September 5, 2017/ French)
Les Sparks et Thomas VDB

Inclassable pop list des Sparks (September 25, 2017/French)

Interview: Music Week, Northbound

Music Week (September 19, 2017)
"We felt fresh again": Sparks - The Music Week Interview

Northbound (September 19, 2017)

"There’s 15 songs on the new album, so Its packed full of goodies!"

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