Interview: USA Today

USA Today (October 9, 2015)
Dad Rock: Franz Ferdinand and Sparks unite

Interview with Alex and Russell

Podcast (iTunes)
Dad Rock - USA TODAY

Interview: CPR

CPR (October 7, 2015)
Sparks And Franz Ferdinand Step Out Of Their Comfort Zones For FFS Collaboration

Interview with Ron and Russell
"Call Girl" and "Dictator's Son" Live at Edinburgh International Festival

Interview: Westword

Westword (October 7, 2015)

"We kind of have a cranky side of ourselves, so when people get upset about what we're doing, we kind of feel that we're on the right track. But it's really difficult using humor in pop music. Sometimes it can appear that you're frivolous or there isn't any depth in what you're doing. But we always tried to have humor anyway."

Interview: Chicago Concert Reviews

Chicago Concert Reviews (September 25, 2015)
Franz Ferdinand and Sparks team for FFS supergroup, plot Vic Theatre visit

Interview with Paul Thomson

"It’s been great watching them be so enthusiastic about what they do. They’re still very much at a creative peak in their late ‘60s, so I would love to still be creating stuff that I thought was worth it when I get to that age."

Interview: San Francisco Weekly

San Francisco Weekly (October 7, 2015)
San Francisco Sidewalk Collaboration

Interview with Russell Mael and Paul Thomson

"It's a song that wouldn't necessarily be ideal material to do at 30,000 people festivals, but we do that and it gets a really warm reception!"

Interview: Time Out Chicago

Time Out Chicago (October 6, 2015)
Interview: Paul Thomson on Franz Ferdinand's collaboration with Sparks

Interview with Paul Thomson

"I guess Franz Ferdinand’s strength lies in the fact that the four of us are very distinct, different characters, and that’s the same with Sparks as well, almost to an extreme—there’s two of them and they’re related."

Interview: Brightest Young Things

BrightestYoungThings (October 5, 2015)
BYT Interviews: Franz Ferdinand (2015)

Interview with Bob Hardy

"Crowds in Japan are so attentive. When there’s a quiet moment in songs, you can really hear the silence. They’re so focused. We were playing with Spiritualized at Summer Sonic in Tokyo, and it was almost a religious moment when there were any breaks in the music. They just seem to care quite a bit over there."

Interview: Allston Pudding

Allston Pudding
INTERVIEW: Franz Ferdinand // FFS

Interview with Paul Thomson

"Obvious we’re fans of Ron and Russell as well. They’ve got a lot of stories to tell and we want to learn from them. Learn how you sustain a career like that well into your 60s and still have, like they do, more enthusiasm for what they do at their age than many groups in their 20s have."


CBC radio (October 1, 2015)
FFS fuses talents of Franz Ferdinand and Sparks

Interview with Alex, Bob, Ron and Russell

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