FFS For Noise Festival August 20

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24heures.ch (August 21, 2015/ French)
L'étincelle FFS met le feu au Pully For Noise

For Noise Festival Facebook Page
LIVE 2015 Thursday 20th

FFS FIB July 19

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Muzikalia (July 20, 2015/ Spanish)
Domingo del FIB Benicassim 2015

nomepierdoniuna (July 21, 2015/ Spanish)
Portishead, Public Enemy, Blur, FFS, Los Planetas y Joe Crepúsculo ponen todo en su sitio en el FIB 2015

The Fest (Spanish)

The next concert on the same stage, the FIBERFIB, was to FFS , the project which has emerged from the union of the Scots Franz Ferdinand and American Sparks . They have released a great album but also as we had in the chronicle of his passage through the Cruïlla , direct was even better. They started with the two major bombings album "Delusional Johnny" and "The Man Without A Tan", thus became clear the elegance and harmony of the combo. In perfect timing, turning over and ownership with respect and elegance, and charisma beyond doubt they gave "the concert of the festival". Because if there are others who have been at the same level, the novelty of this format gives them the necessary plus for this claim. They continued to show disk and in between placing successes both bands separately and was curious to touch all together as "Achoo" or "The Number One Song in Heaven" by Sparks and "Do you want to", "Michael" or "Take me out" of Franz Ferdinand . The English young people hope to versions of Scots to go crazy, but the whole set was magnificent. They ended as they began, with a great song from FFS , "Piss off"

Adriana Martín PHOTO
FIB 2015, domingo

FFS Festival Pohoda July 10

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FOTO: Die Antwoord, Einstürzende Neubauten, Franz Ferdinand & Sparks

Körkép.sk (July 11, 2015)
Slovakia, be happy! – de előbb sorakozd ki az odavezető utat

Pohoda 2015: Piatok v znamení Franz Ferdinad a Sparks!

Franz Ferdinand and Sparks perform at Pohoda Festival

Johnny Delusional
The Man Without A Tan
Police Encounters
Do You Want To
Collaborations Don’t Work
Walk Away
The Power Couple
Things I Won’t Get
When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way'
Call Girl
So Desu Ne
No1 Song In Heaven
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
Dictator’s Son
Take Me Out
Piss Off

Pohoda Festival Livestream


Friday, July 10
Bazant Stage 20:00-21:15 (CEST)


We hope we can watch it!
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