Interview: Chicago Magazine

Chicago Magazine (October 31, 2013)
Three Questions for Sparks

"Our goal is always to do something fresh within the confines of what pop music is and to keep challenging ourselves and our audience. We feel that there’s a lack of that adventurous spirit in what we hear now. But, you know, we can’t moan about that if we’re not attempting to fill that void that we feel is out there today."

Interview: Rocker

Rocker: The Lifestyle Magazine for Mature Hipsters (October 29, 2013)
Sparks: Two Hands, One Mouth, All Genius

Can you imagine if you weren’t born into a family with Ron, do you think that you would have still pursued music?

"I don’t know, probably not, because of the motivation thing, having both of us it works really good, the two of us feeding off of each other. So, probably not."

New York: Webster Hall, October 28

Revenge of Two Hands One Mouth

Interview: The L Magazine

The L Magazine (October 25, 2013)

Sparks: A Grand Old Pop Band Living in a Small Spotify World

It’s a lot more difficult to be a keyboard member and be cool than to be any other kind of member of a band and be cool.

Article: Blurt Magazine

Blurt Magazine (October 25, 2013)


“Usually our instruments have an electric plug, so maybe that’s it”

Atlanta: Variety Playhouse, October 23

WireImage: Photo by Chris McKay
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Creative Loafing Atlanta (October 25, 2013)
Sparks at the Variety Playhouse

Set List
Your Call's Very Important to Us. Please Hold.
How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?
Here in Heaven
Academy Award Performance
Those Mysteries
Good Morning
Falling in Love With Myself Again
Big Boy
What Would Katherine Hepburn Say
Excerpts from The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman
( I Am Ingmar Bergman
The Studio Commissary
Limo Driver (Welcome to Hollywood)
Oh My God)
This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
(When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing
Suburban Homeboy
When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"

Tryouts for the Human Race
The Number One Song In Heaven
Revenge Of Two Hands One Mouth

Article: The Asheville Citizen-Times

The Asheville Citizen-Times (October 24, 2013)

Glam-rock pioneers Sparks still pushing boundaries FROM GLAM ROCK TO DANCE TO CHAMBER POP

"But on this tour, we wanted to get to places where we had never been. This is probably the biggest venture that Sparks has done."

Interview: Creative Loafing Atlanta

Creative Loafing Atlanta
Sparks: Two Hands, One Mouth (October 21, 2013)

"It's kind of schizophrenic - we're rehearsing for this tour and working on a new project. We're working non-stop [laughs]. The public doesn't see the work that goes into it, but then when it comes out they say, "Oh hey, they have something new." They don't see the year or two buildup before we're actually happy and ready to release something."

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