October tour reviews: London

Barbican, London reviews.

Happening-Magazine (November 13, 2012)
Live Review - Sparks

di-ve - content matters (November 19, 2012)
Minimalistic Bliss


Radcliffe and Maconie

The boss is coming round 29 Oct 12



You can download this episode until Nov 25.

Or here.

Reviews: UK

thequotidiantimes (October 22, 2012)

Herald Scotland (October 23, 2012)
Sparks, HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

Louder Than War (October 23, 2012)
Sparks : Manchester : Live Review

Sparks @ The Ritz, Manchester - live reiew

mancky (October 23, 2012)
Sparks, Rules & Regs @ The Ritz

The Hearing Aid (October 24, 2012)
Sparks @ HMV Institute, Tuesday 23rd October 2012

eGigs.co.uk (October 24, 2012)
HMV Institute, Birmingham on Tuesday 23 October 2012

Gig Junkies (October 23, 2012)
Sparks @ HMV Institute, Birmingham, UK – 23 October 2012

Dots & Dashes
Live: Two Hands, One Mouth. Sparks, Barbican Centre.

The Skinny (October 29, 2012)
Sparks @ HMV Picture House, 21 October

EdinburghGuide.com (October 29, 2012)
Sparks, HMV Picture House, Review

Release Music Magazine (October 26, 2012)
Sparks, Two Hands One Mouth Tour, Brighton, UK, October 25 2012 – report

Call Of The Wyld (October 30, 2012)
Sparks at Barbican - 26 October 2012

nigeyd's Journal (October 31, 2012)
Sparks @ Brighton Dome - Thursday 25th Oct 2012

You're My Favourite (November 1, 2012)
Sparks – Two Hands, One Mouth Tour – Brighton Dome 25/10/12

THE FLY (November 1, 2012)
Sparks HMV Picture House, Edinburgh

Retro Man (November 2, 2012)
Sparks "Two Hands One Mouth" live at the Barbican Centre London October 26th

Brum Live! (October 23, 2012)
Sparks @ HMV Institute, Birmingham – Tuesday 23rd October, 2012

Rock shot UK
Photography: Sparks @ The Barbican

Happening-Magazine (November 13, 2012)
Live Review - Sparks

di-ve - content matters (November 19, 2012)
Minimalistic Bliss

Reviews: Ireland

State Magazine (October 31, 2012)
Sparks - Dublin

THUMPED (October 31, 2012)
Sparks - The Button Factory, 29th October

Golden Plec (November 1, 2012)
Review: Sparks At The Button Factory


lrytas.lt (September 16, 2012)

Išskirtinis interviu. Keistuolių duetas „Sparks“: „Nenorime būti popgrupė, kuri tiesiog tenkina lūkesčius“ (Lithuanian)

Exclusive interview. Strangers duo Sparks: "We do not want to be pop group that just meets expectations"

English translation by Sigita (abitaddicted)

SVEDKA Vodka's Brand New Ad Campaign

Video: Dublin, Ireland

This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us

Reviews: Germany

Reflections of Darkness (October 18, 2012)
Live Review: Sparks (acoustic) - Bochum 2012

Bochum live photos
Sparks - Two Hands One Mouth Tour

Video: London, UK

Beat The Clock - Sparks @ Barbican (Includes Ronald Topless and Coming into Audience!

The Argus

The Argus (October 25, 2012)

Sparks: Two Hands, One Mouth

“We were able to go back to the neglected stepchildren and ask why they were neglected. What we discovered was that they weren’t bad children at all.”

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