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The Independent (December 22, 2012)

Review of 2012: Music

Gigs of the year

Sparks, Bush Hall, London

For their career retrospective, Two Hands, One Mouth, the Mael brothers proved that small forces can score the most striking victories. Using just a single keyboard and Russell Mael's imposingly pitch-perfect tenor, they offered a tour of their back catalogue, whose influences – from German lieder to D'Oyly Carte comic opera, Kurt Weill to Albéniz, demonic waltz to minimal techno – were dispatched with nonchalant grace and the driest of humour.

YouTube - June13@Bush Hall 2

Good Morning

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

Gratuitous Sax/When Do I Get To Sing My Way

Beat The Clock

The Number One Song In Heaven @Bush Hall

The Number One Song In Heaven

YouTube - June13@Bush Hall

Sherlock Holmes

Excerpts from The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman

Ron's Shuffle Dance

I Married Myself

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite Sparks songs.

I wish I'd been there(/_;)

Setlist - June13@Bush Hall

Two Hands Overture (Ron Mael on piano*)
Hospitality on Parade
At Home, At Work, At Play
Sherlock Holmes
In the Future
Under the Table With Her
My Baby's Taking Me Home
Good Morning
The Wedding of Jacqueline Kennedy to Russell Mael
Excerpts from The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman
("I Am Ingmar Bergman"/"Mr. Bergman, How Are You?"/"We've Got To Turn Him 'Round"/"He's Home")
Something for the Girl With Everything
Dick Around
Looks, Looks, Looks
Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us
The Rhythm Thief
Suburban Homeboy
Gratuitous Sax
When Do I Get to Sing "My Way"

The Number One Song in Heaven
Beat the Clock
I Married Myself

Note: *I Married Myself/ Looks, Looks, Looks/ Good Morning/ The Number One Song in Heaven/ This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us / Dick Around/ Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth/ Something For The Girl With Everything/ Suburban Homeboy/ I Married Myself

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