Thank God It's Not Christmas

Thank God It's Not Christmas


Russell in an OFF! Hat


OFF! Hats on Every Singer Ever

Maybe the hat is a gift from Steven McDonald.

The Legend of Lil'Beethoven

The Legend of Lil'Beethoven

That Lil'Beethoven had shown so mush musical ability at such an early age surprised no one possessing even a slight familiarity with his family history.

That he would excel in both carrying in on his great-gerat-gerat-great-grandfather's grandiose musical tradition, while at the same time exhibiting what can only be described as street credibility did surprise some.

How did this young genius acquire his particular abilities?

One day in the 19th century, Ludwig van Beethoven travelled secretly to New York to seek the advice of the city's most prominent ear doctor in a last desperate attempt to stop the deterioration of his hearing.

Medically, the visit was a failure.

Nevertheless, the doctor had a beautiful doughtier, a very street-wise daughter whose manner was unlike anything Ludwig had encountered in the Old World.
Ludwig was charmed.
One thing led to another, and after a brief affair, a child of their union was born.

200 years latter, Lil'Beethoven shows dramatic evidence of the musical genius he derived from his great-great-great-great-grandfather and the charm, sex appeal and street credibility his derived from his great-great-great-great-grandmother.

A true musical genius has arrived, a genius called Lil' Beethoven.

From Lil' Beethoven Deluxe Edition

lil beethoven

Minnie Mouse

"Minnie Mouse" music video was uploaded!

21×21 Angst In My Pants Night


Album : Splash Dance (1983)

Yes, I like Minnie too.

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New Sparks official Youtube channel


I have long wanted to see The Calm Before The Storm video.

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